Our cannoli begin with hand rolled puff pastry, oven baked to a golden finish; removed from our bakers’ ovens and stuffed with a delectable cream filling in a variety of flavours. Savour our cannoli in vanilla, maple walnut, double chocolate mousse, cinnamon cream puff, and more to come with special offerings seasonally.

Why Cannoli Queens over some other ordinary cannoli?

Cannoli Queens prides itself on the freshest, most delicate, most mouthwatering dessert you will ever taste. We specialize in cannoncini alla crema, the outer shell is heavenly light and in combination with the cloud like cream filling that explodes in your mouth with a fulfillment that is indescribable, you’ll never want another kind of cannoli.
Vanilla filling can be tinted to match your colour scheme. Minimum order of a dozen is required.

For custom orders and catering please contact us for details.